As a reputable medical billing company, Atiis, LLC follows the patient information privacy and security rules very stringently. All Atiis, LLC Employees comply with HIPAA regulations and the Atiis, LLC HIPAA policies to ensure that Protected Health Information exceeds privacy and security standards.

Medical Billing


At ATIIS we offer a variety of medical billing services for small and large business owners. These are designed to address everything from major strategic billing issues, sometimes related to insurance providers, to more basic problems affecting everyday business practices.

Personal care

Here at Atiis we go beyond what most other billing companies do. With over 500 million dollars in Medicaid and commercial claims processed and paid, there’s no doubt we’re the right medical billing company for you.

Simply call us with no obligation, we’ll be happy to compare rates and discuss if you’re eligible for months of free billing services with our new agency customer rewards program.


Atiis sets the standard for professional medical billing services and we believe the best decision is an informed one.

We are more than just a Business, we are a Family.

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